LakeLocation No. SitesHookups
Iowa Lake7 mi. North?H2O
Okamanpedan11 mi. NW60H2O,Elec
Wolden Rec.Area
17 mi. SW120H2O, Elec
Iowa Lake is a border lake of 802 acres. Campground is located on the south side, just off Highway 15.
Okamanpedan(Tuttle Lake) is one of the largest natural lakes (2294 acres)in Iowa. Also a borderlake, the campground is located near the intersection of county roads A13 and N52(SW corner).
Wolden Recreation Area is located on county road N40. A beautiful wooded area with a lake on each side of the campground. High Lake(467 acres) and Ingham Lake(376 acres)

Facilities and Features

 WoldenTuttle Iowa Lake
Shelter house(s)XX 
Storm ShelterXX 
Dump StationXX 
Fish Cl. StandXX X
Many Game courtsXX  
FishingPerch, CrappieNorthernP.C.N.


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