Why Live in Armstrong?

Quality of Life

1) Of 35 Communities in the Iowa Lakes Corridor, Armstrong ranks near the top considering cost of housing/home values, tax rates, school infrastructure, and average income to housing cost ratio.

2) Armstrong is large enough to support all the businesses necessary for daily living while small enough to provide a low cost of living.

Low Cost of Living

3) Armstrong has the lowest cost of living, 26% below the national average, in its population class. The Lakes Region ranges from 30% below to 3% above the national average cost of living.

Low Property Taxes

4) Only 5 towns with equal or larger populations have lower tax rates. With tax rates ranging from 19.04 to 44.19 mils, Armstrong, at 32.36 comes in 6th considering towns of larger population. Our school levy is above average since we have recently upgraded facilities. Even at that, we are among the lowest tax rates with new school facilities to show for it. Armstrong is 12th overall, but this includes communities with much smaller populations.

Convenient Recreation

5) Armstrong's Country Greens Golf Course in right in town allowing easy access for the avid golfer. Tee times are not a problem. This is a par 36 course which is no cake walk; but challenging for golfers of all skill levels.

6)In 2008 Armstrong just completed building a brand new swimming pool located directly across the street from City Park.

Housing Incentives

7) Armstrong is currently providing incentives for housing. Check on What you may do to qualify for a free lot located on the golf course! Click here to see what you must do to qualify.

Why work in Armstrong?

Good Incomes

1) According to census data, Armstrong has the 9th largest population out of 35 communities in the Iowa Lakes corridor, but only 2 communities with larger populations have higher average income. Armstrong is 11th overall for average income, but this includes communities with much smaller populations.

Major Employers

2) Armstrong has major employers, Art's-Way Manufacturing and GKN Armstrong Wheels as well as TG industries, Valley Vue Care Center and Spring Creek Assisted Living, North Union School District, GALCO, Rosenberg Electric and others.

Why grow your business in Armstrong?

Eye Candy

1) Armstrong has one of the most attractive, well-kept downtown business areas in the region. All the buildings are maintained in excellent condition and provide a very welcoming atmosphere.

We Want You

2) Armstrong is currently looking for new businesses to come to town. Specifically, a pharmacy. The city of Armstrong will actively assist you getting started owning and/or expanding your business to be a successful part of this community.

3) Armstrong has a labor pool ready and willing to go to work for you.

Please contact us if you would like to locate here. City Hall phone - (712) 864-3535.

This information was taken from the Iowa Lakes Corridor Website.

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